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Since 1996, we have been providing all kinds of immigration & non-immigration visa services. With large quantity of sccessful applications, we earned Reputation. Today, we serve you from Visa, Immgration to Settle down in Canada. During each step, you are under care, from our professional team of licenced Immigration Consultant, Lawyer, Accountant, Realtor, Financial Planner and Insurance expert. Not only. we help you immigrate. Also, we assist you settle down!


Our Services 我们办理:

1. Federal Self-Employment Immigration program 加拿大联邦自雇移民计划

    自雇类移民项目是为了吸引那些有意向并有能力在加拿大成功自雇的申请人. 具体要求如下:
  • 有相关经验能为加拿大的文化及体育事业作出显著贡献的申请人, (包括很多文科专业人士),
  • 有农场类管理经验并有意向和能力在加拿大购买和经营农场的申请人. 
 现时最新的职业清单上有34个职业符合此类移民要求. 请联系我们查询您是否能以此类别成功移民

2. Canadian Provincial Nominees Program 加拿大各省提名(PNP移民计划)

3. Work Permit 各类工作签证

4. Study Permit 各类学生签证

5. Family Immigration 家庭团聚移民

6. Parents/Grand Parents Super visa 祖父母超级签证

7. Permanent Resident Card (Maple Card) Application/Renew 枫叶卡申请/延期

Every application/case is processed by our In-House professionals. If you came to Canada under Study or Work Permit, we'll serve you from extend, exchange to immigrate and buying or rent house.
每一个申请,每一个案例都由本公司亲自处理。如果您持学生或工作签证来到加拿大,我们为您提供从签证延期,身份转换,到移民, 买房/租房的一条龙服务,让您在加安心学习/工作。

Fillout the Assessment Form or Email us, you'll get our professional advice in one business day.


  • NEW! 最新

Canada and US Education Consulting and Visa Services: 美国及加拿大留学和签证服务:
Public and Private hign schools; 公立及私立高中
Colleges and Universities; 大专及大学,大专院校直升本科名校;
Short-Term Trainings/Summer Camps/English Courses. 短期游学,夏令营,英文课程

  • SPECIAL! 独创
Study-Work-Immigration-Settle Down Package. Contac us for details!